We are a team of academics and researchers from the Computer Science Department at Edge Hill University, working on a frictionless payment authentication Software for Acquirers and Merchant Service Providers to securely process online payments. CyberSignature delivers 2nd factor authentication by using card holders’ unique digital behaviour metrics like keyboard, mouse and touchscreen habits because standard card details are easily stolen and used for online identity fraud.

CyberSignature was born out of curiousity to explore fresh perspectives from emerging big data sources such as digital behaviour metrics from keystrokes and mouse movement. Our founder (Dr Nonso Nnamoko) discovered this data source while working on a Horizon 2020 project on data mining and we have already demonstrated its viability for uniquely identifying a user while making online payments.

We keenly following the UK Government policies and initiatives on academic research start-up and commercialisation; and are currently validating the market base for CyberSignature under the CyberASAP programme which is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). We are committed to continue improvements on CyberSignature beyound the CyberASAP programme by exploiting other funding pathways.