We all have a unique way of touching the screenmouse and keyboard and these characteristics form a unique digital DNA that is impossible to replicate. CyberSignature is a novel identity technology that uses this digital DNA for user authentication during online payment. 

The principal objective of CyberSignature is to protect a person’s digitally obtainable identity such as bank account and/or card details from unauthorised access and misuse online.​ As eCommerce continues to shift our shopping preference from the physical to online marketplace, we leave behind digital traces of our personally identifiable details. For example, the merchant keeps record of your name and address; the payment processor stores your transaction details including account or card information, and every website you visit stores other information such as your device address and type.

Cybercriminals constantly steal and use some of this information to commit identity fraud ultimately leading to devastating consequences to the victims; but also the card issuers and payment processors with whom the financial liability most often lie. 

CyberSignature recognises that data is generally compromised in this digital age, and personal identity such as card number, password, PIN and account details can be easily stolen and used by someone else. However, there are thousands of behavioural biometrics relating to a person’s digital identity that are almost impossible to steal such as the way you type on a keyboard, move the cursor, or whether you normally do so via a mouse, touchpad or trackball. Our objective is to use them to add additional layer of user authentication during online sessions involving card or account payment transaction.